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Behind The Brand

Welcome to Fash1.

We design to fit your body like every piece was made for you. Nothing more, nothing less. Just elegant, sculpting dresses to show off all your best bits whilst feeling comfortable enough to take on the world! Fash1 is an independent fashion brand established in 2015 by Imogen Mitchell. Now 28, Imogen is the managing director and sole designer of every piece that graces the boutique.

Hi Ladies,

Fash1 focuses on the luxurious side of affordable fashion and i believe every young lady deserves a little luxury! Fash1 represents the glamorous young woman with class, grace and a love for partying in style. When it comes to dresses, I focus on simplicity, quality & making you feel like the best version of yourself the moment you walk into a room. Every piece is designed in our Newcastle boutique and made from 100% ethical, quality rayon with a beautiful sheen finish. The full design process takes about 40 days. After designing each collection of 6 pieces be hand, we make a sample to make sure it fits and looks perfect, then it goes to our production facility. We have a team of 5 women that handmade all of our pieces with the highest quality materials and workmanship. AMAZING! 

The fantastic thing about working with rayon is the comfort, the thickness and how it moulds to slim waists and enhance curves! It's a magic fabric that suits everyone.

The brand was born in 2015 through my creative flare and passion for fashion. I design for myself which is why I love what I do! Even after almost 3 years, the feeling of opening a delivery and seeing you own designs come to life is so magical! I saw a gap in the market for unique, high quality occasion dresses that were affordable and fit like a glove. After being a shopping addict most of my life, I realised this didn't really exist on the high street so I saw an opportunity and took it! I'm proud to say we have a very strong focus on customer service and delivering a product I would be very happy to receive.  

It all started with an idea I thought wouldn't ever manifest into a business and here we are 3 years on, designing in Newcastle and selling accross the world!

Thank you for your continued support.


Imogen <3